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htmlread welcome free database of all useful information website. We are in the rankings , traffic , content, seo optimization report provides an overview of any website. To gather this data directly from the web browsing or Google , Alexa and use reliable data sources such as the W3C. Time is precious , so we etc. Google PageRank , Alexa Rank , search queries , the registrar information , the most important faith is not simply to collect data You can find any website you 're looking in safe mode on this platform. If you want to see the scan was not yet another website to your website, not added or not, just to add to our directory and you can see the results within 2 minutes.
You can usually find this information :

  • Date of Admission to the Web site's domain name.
  • Web site's Google Page Rank value
  • Last image is the official Web site
  • Visit the site of the statistics of the countries
  • Alexa statistics
  • Dmoz Profile
  • W3 HTML standards, error report
  • Site optimization report for encoding.
  • The site of the market value of the monetary
  • Seo score
  • The comments concerning the site.
  • IP address of the server that hosts the site
  • Other sites that link to the site.
  • The site links to the sites.
  • Search engines are page numbers
  • Keywords
  • Categories.

We divided our data into categories to make it easier to find . Click on any category you are interested in , to discover a fresh website. We also rope blocks, listed alphabetically and take our country lists findable site. Another fact is a simple to use interface makes it easy to read html . Our team designed large icons , simple phrases and simple layout to improve usability. We have from time to time according to the user experience and feedback to improve our system.

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